Brandy Butler is a Marketing Analyst for Elemica, a supply chain operating network. She is a Marketing Analyst by day and freelance digital marketer by night. Brandy is devoted to healthy living and living life with a smile. Learn more about Brandy and why she is our Boss Profile of the week.

Connect with Brandy: 

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Name: Brandy Butler

Her 9-5: Elemica

Her After 5: Freelance Digital Marketer

Daily Routine:

Gym – Work – Dinner- Early to Bed. {Plenty of sleep and podcasts in traffic keep me in check}

Why have you decided to work in the tech industry?  

Tech is ever-evolving, exciting and challenging. I love marketing strategy and practicing in this space has taught me more than I’d ever learned in other industries. Businesses have a start-up, small-org culture, but tend to be on the cutting edge of trends and technology.

Challenges faced climbing the corporate ladder:

There is such as a thing as a dead-end job in the corporate world. If you’re not being challenged, if you’re not motivated by leadership and there aren’t ways for your accomplishments to earn promotions and learning opportunities, then you need to move on. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, “what’s in it for me? Am I happy and is this the right culture fit?”. The employee-employer relationship is just like a romantic one; it should be mutually beneficial with everyone contributing 100%.

Favorite Quote:

It’s a tie. My two favorite quotes are:

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. ~ George S. Patton

The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. ~ Unknown

3 Things in your purse that you cannot live without: 

My cell phone, lip balm and my personal business cards { Always be selling}

Advice I would give to my younger self:

Find ways to say, “yes” whenever possible.

6 Word memoir: 

Inspired, humble. Let’s change the world.