Tanisha Brown is one of my Business Besties! She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and balances her corporate job and several different businesses without skipping a beat. Learn more about Tanisha and why she is our Boss of the Week.

Connect with Tanisha: 

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Name: Tanisha Brown

Her 9 to 5: Oracle 

Job Title: Project Manager

Her After 5: The Gray Chair

Daily Routine: 

Get out of bed
Brush my teeth/ wash face
Boot up my personal and work computer (I work from home)
Walk Chase (Maltese/Shitzu Doggie) and Thank GOD for another day!
Eat Breakfast
View emails/task list
and the madness begins. . . .

Why did you choose the IT Industry?

I have a Fashion Degree, the IT industry found me. LOL….At 21 years old, a job was my focus not a career. Luckily, I had great colleagues and bosses that showed me more options and information technology became my niche and the journey has been awesome.

What challenges have you faced while moving up the corporate ladder?

The biggest challenge I have faced is that my passion outweighs reality and I still have to work for someone else while balancing being an entrepreneur. Also, race/ethnicity in the corporate world can be a challenge.  If I disagree I am considered combative, but if I’m quiet I am not a team player or adding value.

Why did you start your business?

I started my business because I have always wanted to work for myself.  Dependency on the corporate world to fulfill my purpose and dreams, will never happen for me. My family has owned successful businesses since the 1900’s and its time to continue the legacy and perfect my passion by my own rules.

Also, my consulting business solves a gap in many small -mid size businesses called “order” and I help them conquer it.

What challenges did you face launching your business?

The biggest challenge I faced is pricing and my selling proposition with a untapped offering for entrepreneurs.

Favorite quote:

Blessed by any means necessary!

Advice I would give to my younger self:

Understand you before life shapes you!

6 word memoir: 

Life is unpredictable but fulfilling too

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