On Friday, March 24 I had the opportunity to attend the Post-Its and Pizza event hosted by Oui Consulting and Open for Business. Post-Its and Pizza was a 12-hour lock-in for female entrepreneurs that were serious about taking their business to the next level. The lock-in started at 7:00 pm and ended at 7:00 am. Yes, a full 12-hours of work, sisterhood, and accountability. It was amazing. ( I only lasted until 5:30 am but I got a lot accomplished.)

We were greeted with a goodie bag from the sponsor of the night, you guessed it, Post-its. I am a post-it fanatic so you know I was super geeked when I got my cute hello bag full of post-its for the night.


Next, I facilitated a work party session. Each attendee put 3 tasks that they wanted to accomplished over the next 12 hours on post-its and posted them on the wall. We used the Pomodoro Method to focus on the tasks at hand. Once you completed a task you walked up and removed it from the wall.

Wall of post-its

After we knocked out a few tasks, we had a business strategy session with Natina from Go Go Taxes. She utilized the Value Proposition Canvas to help us identify key areas in our business. This was an amazing session.

Natina Gogotaxes

Next, we enjoyed a little meditation from My Spa Bar and stress relief tips and an amazing brand therapy session with Diamond Hill, The Brand Psychologist.

After we got some pizza and networked, it was hot seat time. Nicole Garner of Oui Consulting lead us through a business consulting mastermind session. Each attendee was asked to list their top 2 challenges they are facing in their business. After we all shared our challenges, we each got a chance to get in the “hot seat”. In the “hot seat” you received advice from other attendees to help you in this area of your business.

hot seat mastermind

Wonder how we stayed up all night? Of course, we had the snack bar to keep us going.

snack bar

We ended the night viewing Tony Robbins documentary, I Am Not Your Guru while we completed the rest of our tasks. I could not believe I stayed up the entire time. The sister support and the snacks helped to keep me motivated. It was an awesome event and you do not want to miss the next one. And yes I was able to remove all my post-its from the wall because I finished my 3 tasks of the night. Make sure to follow Open for Business for updates on the next Post-Its & Pizza Lock-In.