Life can be exhilarating and exhausting for a #GirlBoss.

You’re holding down a full-time job, plus freelancing, and then there’s that speaking gig you have to prep for. Oh yeah, and you have a husband and possibly kids who need your full attention. Taking care of yourself can get pushed to the wayside.

That’s why you need other people to help you make sure you look and feel your best while you’re doing the same for everyone else and pursuing your passions.

These people take the form of new companies that have the potential to transform your life. Ready for the 3 startups every #GirlBoss needs today?

#1 StitchFix

Even a tomboy loves to go shopping. But even the girliest of us can’t always find the time to do it. Matching all those outfits and weeding through the bargain rack to find your size takes energy and time, both of which you’re short on!

This is where StitchFix can help. You tell the stylists on the site what styles you normally like, and what styles you might try. Then you provide all your practical information – size, budget and address – and in three weeks, you get five items at your doorstep.

Now you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear to that thing next week. Or your big presentation at work. Or the conference you’re attending. The options are flexible, the prices are reasonable, and the time saved is exponential.

#2 BlueApron

Sometimes you forget to eat. And when you finally do have a minute to cook, it feels like it isn’t possible for your arms to lift one more thing. No matter how much you give yourself a pep talk, admit it – you still wind up in front of the TV with a bag of Doritos and that pint of ice cream.

No more do we have to succumb to forgetfulness or exhaustion! BlueApron is a food delivery service that will change your life, literally. Why? Fresh ingredients delivered to your house in a refrigerated box. Everything you need to make three separate meals in six simple steps. I burn rice, and I’ve mastered dishes like pan-seared steak and ratatouille with BlueApron’s help. All this in under 45 minutes.

BlueApron makes it simple to feed yourself and your family with fresh ingredients and tasty meals.

#3 Shaglam

This startup is hot off the presses and only in Atlanta right now, but it has the potential to make life a whole lot easier. Imagine you’ve got an event to go to tonight. You want to look stylish and put together, but there’s no way you can afford the small fortune – much less the wait time – to go to a salon to get your hair and makeup done.

Shaglam may be your new best friend. You choose a stylist, what you need done, and when you’re available. The company sends a stylist right to your house. Now you don’t have to throw your hair in a ponytail in hopes it looks like an “effortless up-do.” Girls, this is a game changer.

Worth the Money

These startups aren’t cheap, but they are on the reasonable end for what they’re offering. It’s worth the investment to look good, stay fed, and have the things you need come to you. Plus, you can cancel at any time, ordering only what you need when you need it.

Go ahead. Sigh with relief. And sign up for these slick services today!