Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many people. Many entrepreneurs are born from bad bosses or unsatisfying work. Unfortunately, deciding to quit without customers and startup capital is not a smart move. It is possible to launch your business while you are working. Although you will have to master time management and give up hours of personal time to get it done, it is by far one of the safer ways to leap into entrepreneurship. I tell people all the time to stop looking at their employer as the job from hell. Instead, think of them as a “silent business partner”. Okay, not a real business partner but the income stream needed to fund your business venture. Here are 6 tips to help you turn your employer into your “business partner”.

  1. Change your mindset about your job. Instead of going into work every day complaining about your job, think about it as a means to start your business. Make sure you are doing the best work for your employer because a bad employee makes a bad entrepreneur.

  1. Make sure you have great work ethic. Do not slack on your 9-5 work to work on your business. You need to keep your 9-5 until you are ready to take the leap. Your job is a blessing and a way to gain work experience and build resources for your business.

  1. Use your job as your motivation. Use the same energy you use to complain about your job and use the energy to build your business. Make a list of the things that you do like and do not like about your employer and create policies for your business.

  1. Create your own funding from your paycheck. Make a list of the startup cost needed for your business. Take the total and create a plan to take a small amount from your paycheck each month. Put the money in a separate account and watch it grow. Launch your business with the capital you save from your paycheck. Remember $25-$100 each time goes a long way. Skip that Starbucks run and bring your own lunch to help grow your startup capital faster.

  1. Transfer your skills. What are your strengths at work? Are you organized? Do you provide a skill that makes you unique? Create a list of your strengthens and apply them to your startup.

  1. Maximize your time. Do you have flexibility at your job? Do you take a lunch break offsite? Successful entrepreneurs manage their time well. Get up a few hours earlier to work on your business before you start your 9-5. Use your lunch break to research competition or call clients. Remember your job comes first so do not use work resources like your work computer or your 9-5 time. Get creative with your time to get the job done.