Meet Vanessa

Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Foodie and One Crazy Busy Woman . . .

vanessa-parker-photoHi! My name is Vanessa Parker. I am a startup business coach, speaker, and one bad ass mompreneur. With over 10 years of experience in building, losing it all and starting all over again, I promised myself that I would not glamorize entrepreneurship. My mission and purpose is to equip women to use their passions and skills to generate an income that will allow them the flexibility to do what they love every day.

Being a boss is not a one size fits all formula. You can be a boss building a side hustle, a career or working as a full-time entrepreneur. PinkBoss is an online resource to help navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. We do this by highlighting other Bosses and sharing their stories of success. I hope this blog will provide you the encouragement and resources you need to build a successful business and life.

If you are looking for a business coach to help you launch your idea to a sustainable business I’d love to work with you!

I’d love to connect with you online Instagram: @thepinkboss; Facebook: @thepinkboss; Twitter: @thepinkboss. Join my Facebook group, Startup Tribe.

A little more information about me:

  • I love my family and especially my hubby, Cole
  • I am truly a southern girl 
  • I have Ailurophobia (I have a cat phobia. Yes, even kittens)
  • My favorite food is pizza and steak
  • I love being around my girls laughing over cocktails and great food
  • I own 3 other businesses ( I know, insane)
  • I push through to get things done because I am a procrastinator
  • I drink tea out of a fancy teacup every night
  • I have an obsession with cute notebooks (yes, I write in every one of them)
  • My superpower is connecting and empowering women

Client Testimonials

I loved working with you because you are very personable and passionate about what you do. You made me feel like our situation was important and your main focus. Plus, you explained everything in detail along the way and answerd any questions so we weren’t in the dark about what was happening or what to expect.

– Dayatra Towels – Modern Day Cinderella




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