Alisha is an amazing wife and mother and a world traveler! I enjoy reading  her travel blog and tips on how to travel on a budget. Read more about Alisha and how she juggles her 9-5, businesses and family.

Name: Alisha Nesbitt

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Her 9-5: Occupational Therapist

Her After 5: Owner of Ivy & Vine Clothing

Location: Atlanta, GA

About Her:

My name is Alisha and I am a wife and mom of two based in Atlanta, Ga. Ivy & Vine Clothing Company provides sassy clothing and accessories for women. I am also the co- creator of the Atlanta Street Food Festival, which has been featured in many publications such a Southern Living Magazine, Delta Sky and it was named as one of the top 10 food truck festivals to attend in the Country. I have a love for travel and fashion and also have a blog where I share my best travel and food recommendations from the places that I have been to around the world! Get travel tips and tricks and hear more about my adventures at

What services does your business offer?

Online retailer for women’s and girls clothing and accessories. I have also created a product line dedicated to women who love to travel.

Why did you start this business?

I started my business after I had my daughter. I was on maternity leave and spent hours online shopping for accessories for her. There were certain head wraps that I was looking for but could not find. I also found a lot for myself and decided to start an online boutique that catered to women and children with unique or hard to find accessories.

Why did you enter into this industry?

I love to shop, so looking for the right products to carry in my store is not work at all. I also enjoy fashion, design and travel. I am able to design products and clothing and express myself creatively in this industry.

What challenges did you face launching your business?

In the beginning, my challenge was stocking the store to meet the needs of my audience. I offered the things that I would buy, but the challenge was waiting to find out if others would buy it as well or if it would be wasted money and inventory.

What experiences did you learn from corporate America?

I don’t come from sales or retail background. My background is healthcare so starting my business was all trial and error and a lot of research on trends and E- commerce beforehand.

What helped you transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur?

I still work my day job. My store pretty much runs itself with the exception of marketing and social media. I am able to handle the store business at night and on the weekends.

What tools do you use to help manage your business?

Social media is huge for me. Getting my store and its products out there in front of people is imperative to its success. I also use email marketing for customer loyalty. I have partnered with bloggers for product reviews and that has been very helpful as well.

Morning/Evening routine:

Monday through Thursday, I get up around 7:30 am and get myself and my daughter ready for the day and head out to my job doing home health around 9:30 am. Right before getting started with my patients, I make sure that my social media post are set to go out at the right time for my business. I pack up all orders that need to go out on the night before so that they are ready to be dropped in the mail on the next morning.

Favorite quote:

“Don’t talk about it, be about it!”

3 Things in your purse you cannot live without:

Wallet, cell phone and cell phone charger.

Advice I would give to my younger self:

Keep going, you are on the right track. I have no regrets and everything that has happened in my life has been part of my destiny and brought me to where I am now. My path has shaped who I am as an entrepreneur, wife and mom. The losses combined with the wins bring wisdom more permanent success for the future.

6-word memoir:

Faith, Family, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Solitude, Friend.
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