Boss Profile Dondrea Owens

Juggling being a mother and an entrepreneur is not an easy task. We are honored to feature a woman that juggles building a life for her family and a business all at the same time. Dondrea Owens calls herself the Naptime Hustler because she works on her business while her son is napping. Learn more about Dondrea and her business Jenkins Rose.

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Name: Dondrea Owens

Her Business: Jenkins Rose | Modern Design Co.

Location: Atlanta, GA


I run my own freelance graphic design business, am a licensed CPA, and am a mom to two little ones.

What services does your business offer? 

Jenkins Rose designs bold wedding invitations for modern brides who value celebrating timeless memories and crafts cohesive visual identities for creative entrepreneurs who value fresh concepts and exceptional service.

Why did you start your business?

I LOVE all things paper and design, and I wanted to share that love with others.  My business has naturally progressed from stationery to invitations for celebrations and on to graphic design for other creatives, as I’ve grown and learned more about the industry.

Why did you enter into this industry? 

I enjoy so many things about the design industry – from product packaging to art to web design.  I’m such a visual person, and I like how visuals create emotions in any audience.

What challenges did you face launching your business?

My challenges are not unlike any other mom’s – balancing home and family with my entrepreneurial pursuits.  You definitely have to be organized and dedicated.  Also, recognizing that my growth might not look the same as anyone else’s has been detrimental to staying in positive mind.

What experiences did you learn from corporate America?

Working one-on-one with clients is so natural to me.  I’m a licensed CPA and worked in public accounting for 10 years.  The communication skills I learned during that phase of my career have certainly carried forward to the way I interact with my clients now.

What helped you transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur?

Scaling back on frivolous spending, accepting that my role was simply going to change (after all, we have babies!), and having a working husband ALL helped during the transition.

What tools do you use to help manage your business?

I’m a notebook girl, so I’m never without one or two.  I also use Asana to organize projects, Planoly to plan out my Instagram posts, and a set of process sheets I created for myself to help when putting together invitation orders.

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Morning/Evening routine:

My days start with getting the kids up and ready for breakfast.  One of the littles has preschool a few half days a week, and we do our own school day at home on the off days.  We play and have a good time.  Then, it’s lunch and NAP!  I call myself a naptime hustler, because this is my one daytime pocket of work.  Evenings are family and dinner time.  Once the littles are down for bed, I catch up with my husband and take a few moments for myself (when I can).  After 9pm is work time again.  Right now I’d say I get 2-3 hours of work time on a good day.  It’s my current season of life, and it’s always changing.

Favorite quote:

“Gratitude turns what you have into enough.” ~Melody Beattie

3 Things in your purse you cannot live without:

Coconut lip balm, my iPhone, and my gold planner/notebook

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Advice I would give to my younger self:

Appreciate the now.  Learn the lesson right in front of you.  It is all preparing you for your next adventure.

6-word memoir:

He’s the Creator; I’m the vessel.

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