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Name: Rikkia Holmes

Her 9-5: Precision Tax & Financial Services, Inc. and Keller Williams First Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Ga

About Her: Rikkia Holmes is an Atlanta native with her finger on the pulse of the accounting and real estate industries. Rikkia also has Alabama roots and is a graduate of The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business. As CEO of Precision Tax & Financial Services, Inc. she manages client accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and financial planning. As a real estate veteran, she transforms the lives of her clients through the renowned Keller Williams First Atlanta imprint. In all of her business ventures, she focuses on honesty, integrity and high-quality results. A serial entrepreneur, her acquisition ventures include being a previous owner of a Smoothie King franchise in downtown Atlanta, and a lucrative real estate investor buying and renovating a large portfolio of homes in Georgia.

What services does your business offer? In 2002, Rikkia founded Precision Tax & Financial Services, Inc. at which she currently serves as CEO. Through the accounting business, her mission is to provide a convenient one-stop for all of her clients’ accounting, financial planning, and tax preparation needs. Since 2003, she has been a Realtor® and works successfully under the Keller Williams First Atlanta umbrella. Through her real estate business, she operates with a standard of excellence and unmatched customer service for all clients from contract to close, and beyond. Lifetime customers are the objective!

Why did you start this business? I started the accounting business because of my passion for helping people gain an understanding of their finances and how to manage them properly, which is a major key to personal financial success. And I started my real estate business to help be a conduit for others to truly experience their home ownership dream of giving their family the life they deserve.

What challenges did you face launching your business? The biggest start-up challenge I faced was balancing full-time CorporateAmericaa and part-time with my businesses. Eventually, I got the courage to step out on faith and be full out all-in with my businesses.

What experiences did you learn from corporate America? Fresh out of college in 2002, I worked at Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta, GA. It was there that I learned the importance of customer service, team work, and fostering positive business relationships. CTB has strong ties to the community as well, and I also learned the importance of serving and giving back.

What helped you transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur? What helped me most was my constant drive to be more and to give more. I was focused and dedicated to my vision, and set aside 6 months plus in reserve as a cushion while I transitioned from corporate america to full-time Entrepreneurship.

What tools do you use to help manage your business?

MacBook Pro, Outlook calendar, Drake, Quickbooks, and my CRM. These tools help keep me on track, focused, and able to function efficiently and effectively in my businesses.

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Morning/Evening routine: Morning routine: I always start the day with prayer, gratitude, devotional reading, and daily affirmations. I work out for at least an hour, get showered and dressed, then indulge in one cup of Godiva chocolate truffle coffee with breakfast before heading out to conquer the day.

Favorite quote:

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ~ Maya Angelou

3 Things in your purse you cannot live without:

Business card case, lotion, and gum. Always be ready give out your business card in case someone you meet or someone they know needs your help, dry ashy hands is a no-no, and fresh breathe is paramount!

Advice I would give to my younger self:

I would advise my younger self not be so super serious and focused on the future, that you miss the youthful fun moments of today. It’s ok to be driven and goal-oriented, yet still take a break here and there to enjoy your life happening now. Which is why I now live by the adage, “Don’t get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.”

6-word memoir:

Today and everyday, I choose Joy.

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