Creating a Successful Morning Routine PinkBoss blog

I realized I am more productive in the morning but I hate getting up early. I attended a conference a few years back and the speaker recommended a book called, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. After reading the book I became obsessed with other people’s morning routines. I started to read articles, listen to podcasts and read books about successful people and their morning routines. I even subscribed to a blog called, My Morning Routine to get a glimpse of what successful people do in the morning. I learned that many people enjoy getting up at sunrise to meditate or perform some sort of exercise.  Others make to-do lists and eat a large breakfast. Although everyone is different, the common thread was most successful people in the world embrace their mornings.

I have been on a mission to perfect my morning routine. I really feel like there is a connection between starting your day off right and being successful. Over the years I have tried many different things. I currently get up early every morning and make a cup of hot tea. I then meditate and pray for 15-20 minutes. I use an app called Calm to meditate and pray using a devotional especially for entrepreneurs called, Boss Women Pray. After I complete my meditation I try to do a few yoga poses before everyone gets up. This has helped me get in a little me time and gain clarity for myself and my business. If you are like me you need a better morning routine. Here are five options to add to your routine tomorrow:

  1.  Get up Early: We ALL need sleep. Some of us need more than others. I need to get in 6-7 hours to really run at my full potential. If you are more productive in the morning then you need to become an early riser. If you read about the most successful entrepreneurs out there, you will notice that they get up very early and start their day.
  1. Exercise: Getting in a little exercise in the morning will help to get the blood flowing and help give you more energy for the day ahead. This doesn’t have to be an extremely strenuous exercise. It could be a short walk, yoga or a quick 15-minute cardio routine in your home. The important thing is that you exercise in the morning to give you a great headstart for the day.
  1. Prep the Day Before: I have a 1st grader and a 6th grader to help get ready in the mornings. The one major life saver for me is to prep the day before. We pick out our clothes and lay them out the night before. I also create my to-do list the night before to make sure I am clear on what has to be accomplished the next day. Try to prepare as much as you can so that you’re ready to sit down and get to work as soon as morning comes.
  1. Do the Hardest Thing First: Tackle the hardest task on your list first. Yeah, the one you have been dreading. Once you get that one out of the way you’ll find that the other projects are easy to accomplish and your day will go much smoother.
  1. Try Different Things and Stick with It: I tried many different routines before I settled on the one I have now and who knows it could change in a month. Try out a few different variations to structure your morning routine. Once you get one down that you like make sure you stick with it for a few weeks to get the full benefit.

I am no expert but I promise getting a great morning routine will help you both personally and professionally. Do you currently have a morning routine that you want to share? Leave a comment below.