Whether you like her or not Sophia Amoruso rags to riches story is amazing. I read her memoir ‘GirlBoss’ last year and loved it. Rough around the edges but one badass woman that took the retail industry by storm. I was so excited to see that Netflix had plans to release a series based on her book with the same title, ‘GirlBoss’. Although the intro states over and over again that the series is “loosely” based on her life, the storyline was great and I loved it.

If you do not know who Sophia Amoruso is then you must be living under a rock. She is an unapologetic young woman that rebelled against the “normal” corporate life. Some may call her an a$$hole (something she calls herself) but others like myself appreciate her drive to launch a business with little business knowledge or support. The series follows a young Sophia (played by Britt Robertson) reselling her vintage clothing on eBay and later launching her million dollar brand Nasty Gal. The series also shows a brief view of her issues with her mother leaving her and her quest to learn how to love in both friendships and romantic relationships.

Britt Robertson

Photo credit International Business Times

I get that Sophia and her story may not be everyone’s cup of tea (read more reviews and you will see what I mean) but as a female entrepreneur, I love a good badass story. From building a brand with over $300 million in sales to filing bankruptcy just last year I anticipated the lessons I would learn from this series. So I was ready this weekend with wine and popcorn in hand to binge on the series. Here is what I learned:

  1. Haterade is real. Man the Vintage Fashion Forum were haters. I never knew that this forum existed but man. They hated her so much. It made me think about who may be hating on me in the shadows.
  2. Don’t be blind and think you don’t need help. Sophia was a knucklehead. Her lack of people skills and selfishness made her really think that she did not need any help. I screamed at the TV several times for her to get it together.
  3. At some point, you have to grow up and get business smart. All of us start out not knowing much about business but there comes a time when you have to grow up and learn. You cannot run a successful business without learning how to operate a business.
  4. Don’t give up. This lesson was delivered over and over again. Sophia faced so many obstacles but this did not stop her. Her persistence is a lesson for us all.
  5. Don’t build your business on someone else’s site. In episode 10 we learn that the Vintage Fashion Forum succeeds in shutting down Nasty Girl’s eBay account. eBay was her only sales channel at the time. She took it pretty well in the series I am sure she was much more pissed than they showed.
  6. Don’t ignore life experiences.  Sophia’s issues with her mother and her relationship with her father made it hard for her to love and appreciate people. It caused her to have lots of doubts in herself and in her dreams. Life experiences shape who we are. We cannot ignore them but we have to learn to embrace them and make changes when needed.
  7. Self-doubt is real. The Imposter Syndrome is real. There were many times that Sophia dealt with self-doubt. Right before she launched her website she wanted to give it all up because she doubted herself.
  8. Keep a good squad. The series shows the friendship of Sophia and Annie. Annie is that ‘ride or die’ friend we all dream of. Their relationship was a reminder that you have to have some ‘ride or die’ friends on your side.
  9. Nothing can stop a girl with a dream and a laptop. This is the major lesson of the entire series to me. A woman with a dream and a laptop cannot be stopped.

Again, everyone is entitled to their opinion but I loved GirlBoss and I cannot wait until Season 2.