Whew, 2013 went by like a flash.


Every year my friends and I complete our vision boards together. A vision board  is a collage of images, words, pictures or affirmations that help visualize your goals. Creating a vision board is a powerful tool that serves as a tangible representation of what you want to accomplish.


Each year I have been able to accomplish amazing things because I can visually see my goals everyday. I post my board on the back of my bathroom door in order to see it every morning. It reminds me to stay focus and make sure everything I do for that day is a step towards my goals.


There are 3 different types of vision boards you can create.


1. Dream Board. This board has specific images or pictures of things you want to manifest in your life. A certain car, house or financial goals.


2. Theme Board {I created a 2014 themed board this year}. A theme board is focuses on one specific thing. You could create a board with images of your dream vacation or a board of your fitness goals.


3. Positive Vision Board. A positive vision board is a collage of images that make you happy and keep you positive. You could put positive affirmations, scriptures or other images that keep you positive.


Interested in creating your own vision board for 2014? Click here to download our vision board activity guide.