Now you know if a show has the title of Queen Boss the PinkBoss has to tune in. The show was amazing and I felt inspired and excited for the next episode to air. Queen Boss is a new show created by Centric TV. The show is hosted by the fabulous Tracy Edmonds (I want to be like her when I grow up.) The show focuses on black female entrepreneurs and follows a similar format like Shark Tank with a twist. Each week 3 women will pitch their ideas to a panel of successful judges to compete for a chance to win $25,000 in seed money for their business.

The first episode aired on my birthday but thanks to my DVR I watched it the next morning. The judges for the premiere episode was Vanessa Simmons (She is amazing and has an awesome name), Lauren Lake, and Kandi Burruss. I already knew I was in for a great show with these powerful judges. The 3 contestants were Lucinda Cross of Activate Worldwide, Sherita Cuffee of Viscera NY, and Rahama Wright of Shea Yeleen. Each contestant had an opportunity to pitch their business to the judges. The judges fired off a series of questions and the contestants were to answer and provide as much information as possible.

queen boss 2

Photo courtesy of Centric TV- Tracy Edmonds

Lucinda Cross was amazing as always. I have been following her for years and she is a rock star. She pitched her Vision Board Kit. The judges loved it. The only challenge was she wanted to update her box packing and did not the cost of the upgrade. Sherita Cuffee did not do as well as Lucinda in the pitch competition. She is a clothing designer and specializes in women’s wear. I felt she was a bit nervous. The judges were a little tough on her and said her signature dress design could be found in Marshall’s for a fraction of the price. I felt she had amazing designs but just did not know the proper rebuttal to their comments.

Last but not least Rahama stole the show. She owns a social enterprise, Shea Yeleen, that sells organic skincare made by women in West Africa. Her pitch was amazing. Her products we are point and she knew her numbers. She was already in stores and she was awesome in presenting her accomplishments. Her success made it appear that she did not need the money and I felt the judges like her product but did not think she really needed it. I felt she should have focused on what she could do with the seed money.

After the judges made a decision, Sherita Cuffee was eliminated in the first round. I don’t know how I would feel to be asked to take my business elsewhere but I am sure that is to give drama to the show. The second round starts with a business challenge. Both Lucinda and Rahama were to attend a networking event to meet fellow entrepreneurs in a cool New York coworking space.

Rahama was ready with business cards and samples in hand. Lucinda did not have business cards but she did connect with people by asking for their email and social media information on the spot. The ladies thought they mastered this challenge until Tracy informed them they had to match names to several important women that we at the event. Now I know I would have failed this challenge but Rahama came out victorious and won this round.

The ladies returned to the boardroom to pitch one last time. The judges made a hard decision and Lucinda won and advanced to the semi-finals for a chance to win $25,000.

I thought the show was great. The lessons learned are many entrepreneurs do not know squat about their money. How much a product cost? How much will it cost to scale? I also learned that just because you win one round doesn’t mean you win the pot. Last but not least, I wish they would have discussed revenue more but I guess because it is not an investment type show there was no need. Whatever the case the show was amazing and I am glad I watched it. I can’t wait for next episode.

Did you watch it? If so, tell me your thoughts below.