side hustlers to do list

I wear a lot of hats and I am sure you do too. Working a 9-5 and dropping the kids off at soccer practice between calls like an uber driver is a lot some days. Not to mention having to remember to respond to a client after you put everyone to bed. Honestly, some days I just couldn’t remember what I needed to do next. After sending a ton of apology emails that started with, “I apologize for my late response . .” I realized I had to write things down. So I purchased all the cute $3-$5 notebooks at TJ Maxx and attempted to get organized. I soon found my notes, thoughts, messages, work projects and the kid’s doodles in all 5 of my notebooks. I was on a hunt for a to-do list that fit my needs. I could not find a cute to-do list that allowed me to jot down my 9-5 tasks and my side hustle tasks. So I did what most entrepreneurs do and I created my own. I have provided four to-do list templates for you to use to get the job done. 

The 1st one is my favorite. I use the Pomodoro Method to tackle my to-do list each day. Discovering this time management method has changed my life. Click here to read more about how I use the Pomodoro Method and how it has allowed me to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

Pomodoro To-do list

The second is a daily to-do list for the woman that doesn’t want a ton of fluff. It has an area for a simple task list, a space to remember priorities and an area for any notes you need to take throughout the day.

Daily to-do list

Click the image to download this to-do list

The third one is the Side Hustler’s To-Do List. This is for my After 5 Side Hustlers that balance between working a 9-5 and building their business after work is done. This to-do list has an area for both your business tasks and your 9-5 tasks.

Side Hustler To-Do List

Click the image to download the to-do list

Last but not least another daily to-do list. This to-do list is for the woman that has to split her days between morning, afternoon and evening to get the job done.

To-Do List

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Click the images to download the to-do list of your choice or click here to download all four to-do lists templates to see which one fits your needs.