Stop Job Shaming PinkBoss

I am sick and tired of it. I hate when people job shame others.

If I see another promotion for a webinar that teaches you “how to quit your job to live a life of your dreams” I am going to scream.

Yes, you can live your dreams being a full-time entrepreneur. Yes, you can not have a boss and live a fabulous life but this life comes with a cost. If you have a family, mortgage, car note and other responsibilities then up and quitting your job may not be the best option for you. If you actually love what you do for your employer but have a side hustle baking cupcakes then more power to you. But quitting may not be your thing and it doesn’t mean you are not “passionate” about your business.

No, I am not saying full-time entrepreneurship isn’t possible. But I am saying that everyone is not cut out for full-time entrepreneurship and honestly not everyone wants to do it. Everyone doesn’t hate their job and everyone does not want to risk it all in the name of entrepreneurship. Some need capital, insurance, and the stability that a job gives. Job Shaming naysayers will make you feel like the only way to live a successful life is through full-time entrepreneurship. Living a successful life has nothing to do with what you do for a living but how you actually live.

I have spoken to so many women that have a great business and work a 9-5 but feel job shamed because of it. With so many entrepreneurial types of shows out there you can get sucked into the myth that everyone is quitting their jobs to start a business. I am a true believer in business ownership and having multiple streams of income. My issue is the way someone wants to develop these multiple streams is up to them. Stop making them feel bad for working a 9-5 and managing a side hustle. With the rise of a “gig economy”, many people are opting into generating money from different gigs to help fund their business. Some of these types of gigs are Uber, Lyft, work from home call centers, virtual assistant services and more. These types of jobs give an alternative option for those that want to earn more money. 


What is job shaming?

Job shaming is making someone feel bad for working a 9-5. Job shaming is done when a full-time entrepreneur goes back to work and often shamed for their decisions. It also occurs when someone has decided to keep their business venture as a side hustle. You do not have to feel bad for making your family or financial goals a priority while running your business. Yes, you have a gift or a talent but that does not mean you have to “risk it all” to live a full life.

I will never forget when we made the decision for me to go back to work. Our kids were getting older, we needed insurance and only one of our businesses was really making money. We made six figures in that business but no one tells you that in order to make six figures your expenses goes up tremendously. Going back to work was a tough decision but if we wanted to continue to grow the business we needed cold hard cash. Having a steady paycheck allowed us to reinvest all the money from the business instead of using the bulk of it to pay for our daily housing expenses and our growing children.

I was scared to tell people I was going back to work. Hell, I was a business startup coach. How can a business startup coach go back to work? I felt like a failure even though we still had a successful business. I decided that I would not tell anyone at my job about my other businesses. Well little did I know that when you start a new job people immediately search for you on LinkedIn. By the 3rd week of working, I had women asking for startup advice in the breakroom. I soon started conducting coaching sessions at lunch. Many of these women had no desire to take the leap. Instead, they wanted to make a few hundred dollars on the side, pay for their child’s college education or fund their dream vacations. I decided then that I would make it a point to support these women. I went back to the drawing board for PinkBoss and decided I would make sure I am honest with my journey and highlight women that were side hustlers, full-time entrepreneurs or those just testing the waters a bit.

Do I have goals of leaving my employer one day? Yes, but that goal is also tied into being debt free and having enough capital to properly build and not worry about how we are going to keep a roof over our heads.

So the next time you see one of your friends go back to work or decide to keep their job and still run their business, don’t job shame them. Instead, support their business, support their decisions because you never know if you will be one of them.