My Top 5 Favorite Business Podcast PInkBoss blog

I remember a time that I would run to the nearest music store to purchase the latest CD (compact disc for you younguns). Then I started listening to my iPod with all the downloaded music I loved. I thought it was life changing. Well now, I am hardly in the car because I work from home and live a short distance from everything I need. My BFF said I need to get on the podcast game and boy did she change my life. I am now a podcast junkie. I listen to podcasts all day long and love it. Here are a just a few that I enjoy.

  1. SideHustle Pro– I have always dreamed of starting a podcast but there is no need because Side Hustle Pro is amazing. Side Hustle Pro was created by Nicaila Matthews. She is a social and digital marketing strategist and runs Side Hustle Pro on the side. I love her interviews and love the fact that she is not pushing the agenda for everyone to quit their jobs. It is about time we celebrate every kind of entrepreneur.
  2. Smart Passive Income– I am a Pat Flynn fan and have been following him for years. Once I started listening to podcasts I found out that Pat had a podcast and have been in love ever since. I love the fact that he is down to earth and shows his genuine excitement to interview all of his guests. I also love the amazing stories of success.
  3. My Taught You: Myleik Teele is the founder of Curlbox and over the years she has learned so much about business and has shared her ups and downs via social media. I followed Myleik for a while and had no idea she had a podcast. I love her straightforward approach to business advice and her awesome interviews.
  4. NPR’s How I Built This: Another awesome podcast showcasing successful entrepreneurs. This podcast goes behind the scenes to explain both the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurs we know and love.
  5. Amy Porterfield Podcast: If you are building an online business then you need to listen to this podcast. Amy gives the best tips and tools to build and sustain an online business.


Gary Vaynerchuk is the MAN. If you do not get inspired to get up and work after watching one of his videos then something is wrong with you. I love his videos and interviews. He doesn’t hold anything back.

Do you listen to podcast? List a few of your favorites below.